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For more than 50 years the Institute has served as a forum for professionals in the refractories, raw materials, manufacturing, installation and user industries.
If you design, manufacture, test, sell, install, use or study refractories, the Institute of Refractories Engineers is for you.
Our membership is global with members in over 40 countries; around 40% of membership is outside the UK.
Through technical meetings, training seminars, conferences and through the journal "The Refractories Engineer", the Institute keeps its members abreast of developments in all aspects of refractories engineering and technology.
To apply, please complete and return the application form to
Alternatively you can complete the online application form or post an application to:-

Mrs J.Woodhead
General Secretary
575 Trentham Road,
Stoke on trent,

All applications are reviewed by the General Council at the meeting following receipt of the application, all persons elected to membership or associate membership will be notified in writing by the General Secretary and a Certificate of Membership will be issued.